Ana Moutinho

Ana is the Head of User Experience at Holition, Research Associate at Lusofona University and Honorary Researcher at University College London.

She loves trying to identify patterns and meaning from chaotic and unstructured sets of information and representing it in an easy and understandable way. 

Ana is motivated by creating new initiatives and therefore working at Holition is a continuous challenge.

Ana's background is Museology (PhD), Multimedia Art - Interactive Environments (MA), Multimedia Art (BA) and Computer Science (BSc).

Since 2008 Ana has been involved in several research projects, from Direction to Research Associate.

Currently Ana is the Head of UX at Holition, however apart from her daily work she is involved in many other projects, such as:


Part of Ana's role is to create and share knowledge, therefore she has been author and co-author of several scientific papers that have been published and presented in some of the most prestigious conferences within the subject area. Most of these publications are focused in the area of HCI, User Experience, Research in-the-wild and Augmented Reality.



UX Research Series #1 - Retail Experience with Face Application