Encounters between the city and arts: exploring new urbanities

Project's website: https://agoraprojecto.wordpress.com/author/pessoasespaos/

The fundamental goal of this project is to know how, in a context of crisis, transformations and resistances take place in the city through the arts and artists, configuring lines of continuity and others of rupture. The contribution of arts for the transformation of the city is the result of a tension between domination and resistance, in which the former is linked to commodification and to cities’ competition and the latter to the reflexive, critical and disruptive impulses that seem to be intrinsic to a wide array of contemporary art expressions. Hence, it becomes relevant to grasp up to what extent artistic dynamics are connected to quarrels between the forces of the market, political powers and the refusal of the neoliberal model, particularly in the Lisbon metropolis.

Project Duration: 2016 – 2018
Role: Associate Researcher, Lusofona University
Project Funding: PTDC/ATP-GEO/3208/2014, Foundation for Science and Technology, PT.